iModz 1.5

Customize your iChat status


  • Display animated status
  • Very simple to use
  • Communicates with other apps
  • Display iTunes songs


  • Limited to iChat


For those of you that use the iChat client, iModz will power up the features of Apple's chat client. This little program lets you manage your status in iChat adding all sorts of information.

Very simple to use it allows you to change your status with any sort of static or animated image. I personally quite like the feature to display iTunes songs in iChat, similar to what is already available in Skype.

If you feel creative you can also use iModz to display all sorts of info like links from Safari or an email from Apple Mail.

It's a shame that iModz is only limited to iChat.

This nifty client really brings more to iChat's functionalities, allowing you to share extra information with all your contacts. Effectively, if you use iChat with iModz you're getting a great chat client with loads of features.

iModz is a simple and fun software that will make your chats with iChat® much more fun. And not just fun, it can help you out spread messages to friends, announce sales, parties or make everyone in your company's network know about that important meeting at 4PM!

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iModz 1.5

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